Sasha Litvintseva: Films, Writing, Projects, Info

Sasha Litvintseva is an artist filmmaker and writer researcher, whose work is situated on the uncertain thresholds of the perceptible and the communicable, organism and environment, and knowledge regimes and power, at the intersection of media, ecology and the history of science. Since 2018, much of her work is produced in the context of the ongoing collaboration with Beny Wagner.


Her work has been exhibited and screened worldwide including at the Berlinale, Rotterdam, Courtisane, Cinema Du Reel, Punto de Vista, RIDM film festivals, the Baltic Triennial and Venice Architecture Biennale, MUMOK Vienna, CAC Vilnius, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Museum of the Moving Image New York, ICA London, Berlinische Galerie, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, CIAP Kunstverein Genk, Videobrasil, Sonic Acts, Berlin Atonal, among many others.


Sasha is a lecturer in film at Queen Mary University of London and holds a PhD in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths.  She is currently working on a book monograph on Geological Filmmaking (Open Humanities Press), and is the co-author, with Beny Wagner, of the book All Thoughts Fly: Monster, Taxonomy, Film (Sonic Acts Press). Her writing has also appeared in books and journals including e-flux and Environmental Humanities journals.

Upcoming and Recent

A Demonstration: Stuttgarter Filmwinter Film and Media Festival, 

Stuttgart, Germany, 9-18 January 2022

Invited Lecture: 'Monsters, Measures and Materials', Dis/Entangling Perspectives in Material Research lecture series, 

Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 3 January 2022


Conference paper: ’Monstrare’: Documenting Beyond the Indexical’, Visible Evidence conference, University of Frankfurt, 18 Dec 2021

Keynote talk: 'Monsters, Measures and Movements', 

[e]motion Graduate Conference of Science and Technology of the Arts, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Porto, 10 December 2021


A Demonstration: 'Repeated Apparitions' screening, 

The Horse Hospital, London, UK, 26 November, 2021

Every Rupture: LOOP, Barcelona 

16-18 November 2021 


Every Rupture: ‘The New Normal’ at Volkstheater, 

Vienna, Austria, 17 October 2021


A Demonstration: Adrift: Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner

Los Angeles Film Forum, USA, 17 October 2021


A Demonstration: New Waves Competition

La Roche-Sur-Yon Film Festival, France, 11.10 - 17.10.2021


A Demonstration: 18th Dokfilmwoche Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany, 15.9 - 19.9.2021

Book: All Thoughts Fly: Monster Taxonomy Film

Sonic Acts Press - available now

Every Rupture, Baltic Triennial,  

CAC Vilnius, 04.06.2021 opening events 

Every Rupture, Media Art Biennale WRO, 

Wroclaw, Poland, 12-15.05.21 opening events 

Panel discussion: 'Elemental Geography and Geo-Filmmaking',

NYU Shanghai, 3.05.2021

Every Rupture, Vilnius Film Festival, 

Lithuania, 30.04-06.05.2021

Lecture: 'Geological Filmmaking', TU Delft, Urban Design, 

Delta Urbanism seminar, 23.04.2021

A Demonstration: Prismatic Ground Festival, 

Maysles Documentary Centre, NY, USA, 8-18.04.2021

Book launch: 'All Thoughts Fly: Monster, Taxonomy, Film',

Online on CIAP Kunstverein, 31.03.2021

Every Rupture, Strangloscope Film Festival,

Brazil, 19-27.03.21 

Every Rupture festival premiere: Punto de Vista film festival

Pamplona Spain, 15-20.03.21

Essay: 'Monster as Medium: Experiments in Perception in Early Modern Science and Film', with Beny Wagner, e-flux journal

Geological Filmmakingconference paper, RAI film festival and conference, 2021

Exile Exotic screening: Post Soviet Histories, REDCAT

Los Angeles, USA, 15.03.21

A Demonstration solo show

CIAP Kunstverein, Genk, Belgium, 17.01.21-14.03.21

Every Rupture included in:

Frieze magazine's Top Ten Virtual Shows

Every Rupture solo show

Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 14-28.01.2021

London Short Film Festival: International Competition

London, UK, 15-24.1.21

2020: A Year in Review screening

AEMI, Ireland, 16.12.2020-30.01.2021




PhD Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, UK, 2015-2019

MA Experimental Film, Kingston University, UK, 2014-2015

BA Fine Art, Slade School of Art, UCL, UK, 2008-2012

Solo exhibitions


A Demonstration, CIAP Kunstverein, Genk, Belgium, 2021

Every Rupture, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 2021

The Stability of the SystemHessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt, Germany, 2019

Sasha Litvintseva, 12x12, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany, 2018

Asbestos, Vilem Flusser archive, Berlin, Germany, 2018

Asbestos, Roaming Projects, London, UK, 2017

Exile Exotic, Super Dakota gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2016

What We Name, We Can ContainUnion Pacific, London, UK, 2015

Evergreen, AC Institute, New York,  USA, 2015

Solo screenings 


Adrift, Los Angeles Film Forum, USA, 2021

Sasha Litvintseva, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, USA, 2019

Salarium, ICA, London, UK, 2018

Union Docs, NYC, USA, 2018

Garage Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2018

Close-Up Film Centre, London, UK, 2017

ISSMag gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2016

Nightingale Cinema, Chicago, USA, 2016

Microlights, Milwaukee, USA, 2016

VISIONS, Montreal, Canada, 2016

Courtisane Festival, Ghent, Belgium, 2016

Union Docs, NYC, USA, 2016

Image/Movement, Berlin, Germany, 2015

IMT Gallery, London, UK, 2015

Edinburgh Film Guild, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015

Film festivals (Selection)

Punto de Vista documentary Film Festival, Pamplona, Spain: 2021

Dokfilmwoche, Hamburg, Germany: 2021

La Roche-Sur-Yon Film Festival, France: 2021

Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania: 2021 / 2020 

Strangloscope Festival, Brazil: 2021

Berlinale, Germany: 2020 / 2017

Kasseler Dokfest, Germany: 2020 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015 /

2014 / 2012

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival: 2020 / 2017

Chicago Underground Film Festival, USA: 2020 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015

Curtocircuito Festival, Santiago de Campostela, Spain: 2020

Guanajuato Film Festival, Mexico: 2020

Bucharest Experimental Film Festival, Romania: 2020

Vancouver Film Festival, Canada: 2020

Imagine Science Film Festival, New York, USA: 2020

London Short Film Festival, UK: 2020

RIDM, Montreal, Canada: 2018

Cinema du Reel, Paris, France: 2018 / 2016

Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick, Scotland: 2018 / 2016 / 2015

DocAviv, Tel Aviv, Israel: 2018

2 Annas Film Festival, Riga, Latvia: 2018

International Festival of Video Art, Casablanca, Morocco: 2018

Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands: 2017

Courtisane Film Festival, Ghent, Belgium: 2017 / 2016

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland: 2017 / 2015

Plastik Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland: 2017

Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: 2016 / 2015

L'Alternativa Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain: 2016

Sheffield Fringe, Sheffield, UK: 2016

NexT Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania: 2016 / 2014

Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Winnipeg, Canada: 2016

Kino Der Kunst, Munich, Germany: 2015

Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal, Canada: 2015

ArtvideoKOELN, Cologne, Germany: 2015

Alternative Film and Video Festival, Belgrade, Serbia: 2015 / 2013

Athens Film and Video Festival, Athens, Ohio, USA: 2015 / 2014 

Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York, UK: 2014 / 2012

Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria BC, Canada: 2014 / 2012

Open City Docs Festival, London, UK: 2012

Group shows (selection)

Baltic Triannial, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania, 2021

LOOP fair, Barcelona, Spain, 2021

Media Art Biennale WRO, Wroclaw, Poland, 2021

Abandon Normal Devices, Manchester, UK, 2021

Post Soviet Histories, REDCAT, Los Angeles, USA, 2021

Russian Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale, 2020

Baltic Triannial Intro, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania, 2020

New Nature, Moving Image Museum, New York, USA, 2020

New Nature, Goethe Institut, Montreal, Canada, 2020

The Allure of Matter, Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, USA, 2020

Ecology Without Nature, e-flux Video and Film, 2020

Touch Me, Kontejner, Zagreb, Croatia, 2020

Centropia, CTM Vorspiel, Centrum, Berlin, Germany, 2020

Kaleidoskop.Fragments, Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria, 2020

Third from the Sun, Mumok, Vienna, Austria, 2019 

Werkleitz festival Modell und Ruine, Dessau, Germany, 2019

Berlin Atonal, Berlin, Germany, 2019

Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019

Lofoten International Art Festival, Svolvaer, Norway, 2019

BelVedere, Teatro dei Fauni, Locarno, Switzerland, 2019

FRONT Triennial, Cleveland Museum of Art, USA, 2018

Moscow Young Art Biennale, Moscow, Russia, 2018

Vorspiel Transmediale, Vilem Flusser Archive, Berlin, Germany, 2018

Matter of Horror, Solyanka gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2018

Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018

Berlin Atonal, Berlin, Germany, 2018

I am not a robot, Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia, 2018

The New Local, Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium, 2018

Light/Landscape Sense, Macao, Milan, Italy, 2018 

Videobrasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2017

Morphogenesis, Fransisco Fino Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

Willing the Possible, Mars gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2017

Last words, so it goes, Turf Projects, London, UK, 2017

Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017

DAMA Live program, Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Torino, Italy, 2017

CITIZENSFIVE, Art Athina, Athens, Greece, 2017

HYPERCONNECTED, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia, 2016

Perfect Lives, Kunstverein Gottingen,  Gottingen, Germany, 2016

La Galerie du Temps, Maus Habitos, Porto, Portugal, 2016

Progress Bar, Lighthouse gallery, Brighton, UK, 2016

Inland Art Festival, Redruth, UK, 2016

O’ Mystical East and West, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, 2016

Wondering Out of Time, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, UK, 2016

Media Art Biennale WRO, Wroclaw, Poland, 2015 

6th Sense, Minibar gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015 

Anthropocentricities, Inova Gallery, Milwaukee, USA, 2015

Portal Atop a Bus Stop, Red Barn gallery, Santa Barbara, USA, 2015

World Music, Carlos/Ishikawa Gallery, London, UK, 2014



All Thoughts Fly: Monster, Taxonomy, Film, with Beny Wagner, Amsterdam: Sonic Acts Press, 2021

'Monster as Medium: Experiments in Perception in Early Modern Science and Film', with Beny Wagner, e-flux journal, March 2021

Asbestos: Inside and Outside, Toxic and Haptic’, in Environmental Humanities vol. 11 no. 1, special issue on ‘Toxic Embodiment’, 2019

'Never Odd or Even - on Palindromes and Metaphors', with Beny Wagner, Hereafter, Sonic Acts, 2019

'From Exile to Entropy: Notes on Protagonists and the Posthistorical’, Migrations in New Cinema, ed.  Ektoras Arkomanis, Cours De Poetique, 2020

'Geological Filmmaking: Seeing Film Through Geology and Geology Through Film’, in Transformations no. 32, special issue on ‘Ecological Thinking of the Moving Image’, 2018


‘Sinkholes in Signification’, with Daniel Mann, Sonic Acts Reader, Sonic Acts, 2018

Talks and conference papers

'Monsters, Measures and Materials', invited lecture in collaboration with Beny Wagner, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany 2022

'Monstrare’: Documenting Beyond the Indexical’, conference paper in collaboration with Beny Wagner, Visible Evidence conference, University of Frankfurt, 2021

'Monsters, Measures and Movements', keynote talk in collaboration with Beny Wagner, [e]motion Graduate Conference of Science and Technology of the Arts, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Porto, 2021

Geological Filmmakingconference paper, RAI film festival and conference, 2021


Geological Filmmakinginvited lecture, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museum for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2019

Universal Syntax, invited lecture in collaboration with Beny Wagner, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019


Sinkholes in Signification, invited lecture in collaboration with Daniel Mann, "Hostile Environments" public program, Visual Cultures department, Goldsmiths, 2019


This is not a hole: sinkholes in signification, invited lecture in collaboration with Daniel Mann, Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018


The Hero’s Tail, invited lecture in collaboration with Beny Wagner, Plato Gallery, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2017


haptics/optics inside/outside, invited lecture at rongwrong, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017


Asbestos and the moving image: (in)visibility, (im)materiality, (un)certainty, conference paper, Digital Ecologies in the Anthropocene symposium, Bath Spa University, UK, 2017


Geological Filmmaking: Agential Matter and Evidential Fiction, talk as part of Object! Documentary as Art, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK, 2017


Curating the Moving Image, panel discussion, Plastik Festival, Dublin, Ireland, 2017


Guest lecture, Cass School of Art, London Metropolitan University, London, UK, 2017


Guest lecture, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2016


Geological Filmmaking and Missing Land, conference paper, Space and Cinema conference, University of Lisbon, Portugal, 2016


The Labour of Editing and the Gesture of Mounting, conference paper with Mihaela Brebenel, Filmforum Conference, Gorizia, Italy, 2016

Guest lecture, Wellesley College, Massachusetts, USA, 2015



November Film Festival, co-curated, London, UK, 2016 and 2018

Mediating Deep Space and Time Workshop series, Goldsmiths, 2017

Vertical Landscapes, PLASTIK film festival, Dublin, Ireland, 2017

Myths of Matter and Memory, POSTmatter online magazine, 2016

Place is the Space season, Goldsmiths, London, UK, 2016 

Spectres of the Future, VISIONS, Montreal, Canada, 2016

The Algorithm as Necropolitical Control, Goldsmiths, UK 2016

As if it never happened, Goldsmiths College, London, UK, 2015

Archaeologies of the Present: Place, LUX, London, UK, 2015

Archaeologies of the Present: Excavation, a.m., London, UK, 2015


A Demonstration runner up German Short Film Prize, 2020

Best Visual Concept Prize for A Demonstration, BIEFF, 2020

Production funding, Medienbord Berlin-Brandenburg, 2018

Best documentary for Salarium, 2 Annas film festival, 2018

Best soundtrack for Salarium, Cinema du reel, 2018

Special mention GoEast Open Frame Award, 2017

British Council Travel Grant Fund, 2017

Full AHRC CHASE funding for PhD, 2016-2018

Postgraduate Annual Fund Scholarship, Kingston University, 2014 

Boise Scholarship granted to fund the production of Evergreen, 2012

Audrey Wykeham Academic Excellence Prize, 2012