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27 min / 2014 

Evergreen explores the continuity between visual and material objectification and instrumentalisation of the natural world. Heritage becomes spectacle, spectacle becomes heritage, and nature takes over from both. Past and future collapse into each other in the face of incessant documentation, which does not prevent subsequent amnesia.

Exhibition list: 

Videobrasil, Sesc Pompeia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2017

H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D, as part of the Moscow Young Art Biennale, Moscow, Russia, 2016

FRONT Triennial for Contemporary Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, USA, 2018

Duo show: What We Name, We Can Contain, Union Pacific, London, UK,  2015

Solo show: AC Institute, New York, 2015
Solo screening: Image/Movement, Berlin, 2015

Solo screening: VISIONS, Montreal, Canada, 2016
Solo screening: Union Docs, New York, USA, 2016

Solo screening: Nightingale Cinema, Chicago, USA, 2016
Solo screening: Microlights, Milwaukee, USA, 2016

Solo screening: Edinburgh Film Guild, Edinburgh, UK, 2015

Solo screening: Close-Up cinema, London, 2016 
Alchemy Film Festival, Scotland, 2015
Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal, Canada, 2015
I am not a robot, Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia, 2018
Unleashing, Columbia University, NY, USA, 2018
DVD release, Filmarmalade, 2015



As installed at What We Name, We Can Contain, two person show, Union Pacific, London, UK, 2015


As installed at H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D, as part of the Moscow Young Art Biennale, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia, 2016

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