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Every Rupture still 1.png

Every Rupture

13 min / 2020 


A cruise ship during the Brexit referendum. A colony of birds unwittingly killing the forest they call home. A world in a pandemic. Nothing is a closed system. In moving through these three ecologies the film questions what old images can mean after a rupture and offers a space of mourning.

Exhibition list: 

Baltic Triennial, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania, 2021

Solo exhibition: Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 2021

LOOP fair, Barcelona, Spain, 2021
Festival Premiere: Punto De Vista, main competition, Spain 2021

Media Art Biennale WRO, Poland, 2021

Vilnius Film Festival, Lithuania, 2021

Strangloscope Festival, Brazil, 2021

Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Manchester, UK, 2021

‘The New Normal’ at Volkstheater, Vienna, Austria, 2021

Addis Video Art Festival, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2022

IMG_7572 - Copy.jpg

As installed at the Baltic Triennial, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania, 2021 | photo by CAC / Ugnius Gelguda

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Every Rupture still 4.png
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