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Exile Exotic

14 min / 2015 

Steeped in elliptical history and historical simulacra, Exile Exotic is set at a hotel that is a replica of the Kremlin. Narrating the exotic beginnings of my mother’s and my exile from Russia, the film serves as a platform for us to visit the Kremlin again, albeit by the side of a pool. Soundtracked by an operatic score reminiscent of the song of the sirens making Odysseus stray on his long journey home, our story reverberates throughout the scope of Russian history’s limiting of free movement of individuals. This film is a pilgrimage. This film comes in waves. 


From Exile to Entropy: Notes on protagonists and the posthistorical 

As installed at Videobrasil, Sesc Pompeia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2017