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Immortality, home and elsewhere

12 min / 2014 

Weaving around a theory of immortality based on the premise that our lives are a summation of all the information we consume and process, gleaned from existing theories from a number of scientific disciplines, the film draws on my personal history’s brush with a global nuclear disaster, to precipitate a meditation on the potential role of an individual in the imaginary film/event of our individual or collective death: as a protagonist, or as an extra appearing in a handful of frames at the very moment of their death. If you could experience everything that ever was, would you still be afraid?

Exhibition list: 

Premiere: Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2015

Solo screening: Union Docs, New York, USA, 2016

Solo screening: VISIONS, Montreal, Canada, 2016

Solo screening: Nightingale Cinema, Chicago, USA, 2016
Solo screening: Microlights, Milwaukee, USA, 2016

Solo screening: Close-Up cinema, London, 2016 
Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal, Canada, 2015
Kino Der Kunst, Munich, Germany, 2015
Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2015

Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, USA, 2015

Athens Film and Video Festival,  2015

ArtvideoKOELN, Cologne, Germany, 2015
Wroclaw Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland, 2015

Last words, so it goes at Turf Projects, London, UK, 2017

6th Sense, Minibar Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Capture, Evelyn Yard gallery, London, UK 2015
Anthropocentricities, Inova Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 2015
Dead Cities, Eyedrum gallery, Atlanta, USA,  2015
Portal Atop a Bus Stop, Red Barn gallery, Santa Barbara, USA,  2015

Wondering Out of Time, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, UK, 2016


Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 15.33.16.png

As installed at Last words, so it goes at Turf Projects, London, UK, 2017

Immortality still 3b.jpg
Immortality, home and elsewhere still 4b
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