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Monsters, Measures and Metabolisms


Monsters, Measures and Metabolisms is a long-term research and production project created together with Beny Wagner that is unfolding over a series of films and essays.


Our collaborative practice as filmmakers and researchers has often centered on certain nodes in histories of science to act as prisms for questions we have surrounding the threshold between the body its surroundings, knowledge regimes and power, modes of organizing and perceiving the natural world. Central to our approach in working through our research into the history of science is to engage with science as an ever-provisional mode of being in the world rather than a set of established laws. Moving image allows us to approach our subject matter as a series of open questions, and the making of a film unfolds through exploring these questions via experiments in form, movement, rhythm, light, as well as text. As artist filmmakers, our aim is to use moving image as a world-building tool: a way of questioning, critiquing and reconfiguring the structures of power and knowledge that produce the worlds we occupy and which are therefore often taken for granted.

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